Professional Profile

My background is a TAD bit diverse. I grew up in the Federal Way area with two teacher parents who were not too thrilled I changed my major to Music Ed (from PreLaw!) my senior year in college. Eek! I ended with a handful of degrees in performance as well as K-12 Instrumental and Choral Education. I taught high school choir for over twenty years, was a professor for some local (and not so local) universities and raised two awesome men. I am very fortunate!

I have been with Coldwell Banker Evergreen Olympic for over sixteen years now and it has been a fabulous decision. I have no desire to work for any other real estate company as the support, education, passion and professionalism are absolutely the best in town. We are the number one trusted real estate company in Thurston County and I couldn’t ask for a better environment!

With that being said, I would like to thank you for checking out my web page. There are a lot of aspects to consider whenbuying and selling a home and I am glad I have the opportunity to help you along this journey.

Best Regards!